About us

At Nezis, our primary goal is to create wooden structures that our customers will be proud of. Since 1974, we have built our reputation as one of the leading carpentry companies, producing constructions for both home and business use. Like our customers, we appreciate the unparalleled age-old craftsmanship and we guarantee sustainability, completion within timelines, and money saving.

We undertake residential and commercial spaces, manufacturing all types of furniture, interior and exterior doors, special furniture constructions, as well as indoor and outdoor flooring.

Outdoor wooden structures

Outdoor spaces are given their own personality and become more ergonomic. The use of advanced technology, the meticulous selection of materials and the high quality of our services ensure that our constructions are ideally suited to your outdoor needs.

If you love wood and want to dress your work environment or your personal moments at home in it, our long-term experience is the best guarantee.

Special wooden structures

Discover the amazing features and capabilities of wooden constructions that unlock the maximum potential, ergonomics and aesthetics of your space.

At Nezis we create solutions tailored to the individual needs of every space while, at the same time, adding more of your own personality into it.

  • Interior structures
  • Indoor flooring
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Outdoor flooring
  • Special structures
  • Indoor furniture
  • Outdoor structures
  • Exterior door and window frames
  • Offices
  • Commercial spaces